Video Rollos from the October 2022 Mini-Conference

Hello all,

Please find here the audio and visual recordings of the two rollos that were given in Grande Prairie. I am also attaching Allan Forsberg’s rollo, Showing People Jesus. I am hoping to have Father Emanuel’s rollo transcribed and will forward it to you all when it is completed. These two rollos are wonderful resources for your Schools of Leaders. You will need to enter the passcode in order to play. It was good for the officers to be together at their first in-person meeting since 2019 and it was a blessing to share the weekend with our new CCCC spiritual advisor, Archbishop Gerard Pettipas. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Resource Centre. Sheelagh

Father Emmanuel Rollo
Passcode: &79S1k!L

Allan Forsberg Rollo
Passcode: Wu7DV?R3

Allan Forsberg Written Rollo

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