The Purpose of the Cursillo Movement is to bring the Good News that God loves us by the best means possible, friendship, to the best that is in each person. “The Cursillo in Christianity, is a Movement, that by means of its own method, attempts, from within the Church, to ensure that the realities of Christianity are brought to life in the uniqueness, the originality, and in the creativity of each person. From their deep conviction, their freedom finds the right direction and they discover their potential, accepting their limitations. Thus their will is strengthened, friendships are developed by virtue of their decision and perseverance in their daily, personal and community life”. Our goal is to work at Christianizing the environments one person at a time.

General Palanca Request

We will pray for all the Weekends around the world.

The Cursillo Movement of London will host Men’s Cursillo Weekend
February 1 – February 4, and Women’s Cursillo Weekend
February 8 – February 11, 2024. We welcome your prayers and invite you to send Palancas to johnvjr@kwic.com

FEBA needs your help

The purpose of the EDUARDO BONNÍN AGUILÓ FOUNDATION is to reach all those who, from the place where God has placed them, are hungry to discover the Foundational Charism, which the Holy Spirit deposited in the person of our friend Eduardo.

To make it possible for us to continue with this apostolic adventure, we need your economic collaboration, through this link http://bit.ly/3EMciG4 These funds will help us to continue and implement all these works: – Website (www.feba.info) – Publications (new projects and sales in paper and digital) – Office (staff, maintenance, IT,…) – Custody, cataloguing and archiving of all the documentary heritage of Eduardo Bonnín. – Dissemination in social media. – On-site and zoom courses (Afternoons with Eduardo, The book of the month,…). – Attendance at international events. – Maintenance of real estate assets. –

And among many others, all the work necessary to complete the process of
beatification of the Servant of God Eduardo Bonnín Aguiló.
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