Conference Archives

This is a list of the past conferences since beginning our journey of rediscovering the Foundational Charism.

Mini-Conference 2022

This mini-conference 2022 was held in St. Joseph’s Parish, Grande Prairie, Alberta, and was hosted by the local Cursillistas. The Mini-Conference was well attended in person by local Cursillistas, one from the Ottawa Cursillo Movement, and others who joined us online from different dioceses. Friday evening, we had the Ultreya with the Grande Prairie Cursillo Movement. Saturday morning, two rollos were presented by Father Emmanuel Ekanem and Allan Forsberg, “Showing People Jesus”. We are very blessed to have Archbishop Gerard Pettipas as our National Spiritual Advisor and he was present at every activity.

Halifax, Nova Scotia  2019

Cursillo of Cursillos

The 2019 conference was held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from June 27th to 30th.  It was hosted by the Cursillistas of the Halifax/Yarmouth Diocese.  We were very pleased to have 3 Cursillistas from Mallorca, Spain facilitate a Cursillo of Cursillos and to share with us their love and knowledge of the movement which we all love. The Rollos and the ensuing discussions were rich and rewarding and once again we left with our heads full of ideas and our hearts on fire.

Waterloo, Ontario, 2018

The Cursillista Beyond the Cursillo:  From the Weekend to the World

The 2018 conference was held in at St. Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario  and was hosted by the Cursillistas of Hamilton Cursillo Movement.  The conference was well attended by Cursillistas from 16 Dioceses across Canada including representatives from a number of ethnic Cursillo movements. This conference focussed on the meditation and rollos of the 3rd day of the weekend and helped leaders to understand that a well-done 3rd day would enable new Cursillistas to be well prepared for the ‘mission field’ of their 4th day.

Grande Prairie, Alberta,  2017

Cursillo of Cursillos

The 2017 conference was held in Grande Prairie, Alberta and was hosted by the Cursillistas of Grouard-McLennan Cursillo Movement.  We were very pleased to have 3 Cursillistas from Mallorca, Spain facilitate a Cursillo of Cursillos.  The Rollos and the ensuing discussions were rich and rewarding and once again we left with our heads full of ideas and our hearts on fire.

Moncton, New Brunswick, 2016

Rediscovering the Vision – The Lifelong Journey Continues

The 2016 conference was held in Moncton, New Brunswick and was hosted by the Cursillistas of Miramichi.  The CCCC began the journey of rediscovering the Cursillo vision with movements across Canada in 1992.   Like the Gospel, the study of the Charism of Cursillo offers an everlasting opportunity for a deeper understanding to those who, with great humility, delve deeper and deeper into the wonderful gift of Cursillo. The presentations at the 2016 conference offered an opportunity for Cursillistas  to go deeper and the result of this study will surely bear fruit in the movements across Canada.

Ottawa, Ontario, 2015

Cursillo of Cursillos

An overview of  the phases and elements of the Cursillo Movement.  The Essence and Purpose,  Mentality, Dangers in the Cursillo, Leaders, The Priest in the Cursillo, Precursillo, The Three Day Weekend, School of Leaders, Secretariat, Group Reunion and Ultreya.

Hosted by the Cursillistas of the Ottawa Cursillo Movement and facilitated by Miguel Sureda from Mallorca. He was assisted by two other leaders, Juan Aumatell and Manuel Fernandez, all of whom have lived the Cursillo with our founder, Eduardo Bonnin, in the land where it was born. It truly was a Cursillo of Cursillos.

Edmonton, Alberta, 2014

From Vision to Mission – The What and the What For.

The Cursillo is simply the Gospel lived out in the normality of everyday life. It is about being a Church of people instead of people of church. That is, people who take the Gospel into the market place.

We also explored the definition of Cursllo. The Vision is the What, the Mission is the What For. We asked the participants to lay aside their concerns about weekends and Schools and secretariats, the ‘stuff’ of Cursillo and instead to listen with open hearts and minds to what we have learned from listening to our founder, Eduardo Bonnin.

Sydney, Nova Scotia, 2013

Journey into Joy.

The Joy into which  we journey as Cursillistas comes from an appreciation of and a living out of the simple values of the Gospel. Whilst exploring this topic we revisited the topics from the I and II Conversations of Cala Figuera and took a first look at those from the III Conversations. The topics in the Conversations are the ideas and thinking that are at the heart of the charism of the Cursillo. To quote Eduardo, “It is important that we get back to a sense of knowing how to think, to dare to think and to know how to communicate what we are thinking.” All that we do in Cursillo is focused on bringing the joy that we have discovered into the environments in which we live, naturally and simply. Not preaching the Gospel but being the Gospel.

London, Ontario, 2012

The Conversations
The Path to Understanding. Exploring why the I,II,III Conversations are so important as the essence and heart of both the Gospel and thus the Charism.

Chilliwack, BC, 2011

A Light for the Nations
Keeping the Flame Burning: Understanding the ‘Why’ of the Ultreya and Group Reunion. An indepth look at these vital elements of the Fourth Day, the Method of Cursillo.

Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 2010

The Ten Topics of Cala Figuera
As Rooted in the Gospel and Lived Out in the Mentality of the Movement. A revisiting of the topics from the I Conversations of Cala Figuera with a focus on how and why they are relevant to Cursillistas today.

Waterloo, Ontario, 2009

Cursillo of Cursillos. The CCCC’s first English Cursillo of Cursillos. Miguel Sureda was the rector and the C of C proved to be an enlightening experience for those who attended and who entered into the experience.

Kelowna, BC, 2008

Precursillo-Witnesses to the Good News.

The conference provided participants with a perspective from which to consider this essential component of the lived Cursillo.

Barrie, Ontario, 2007

The School of Leaders: One Mind, One heart.

The conference was set up so that the participants got to experience an actual school. They were challenged to see in the gathering at Barrie how a ‘school of leaders’ is meant to function and what its prime purpose and motivation are to be.

Cornwallis, 2006

The Best News By the Best Means, The Heart of the Charism

Windsor, 2005

We Are Companions on the Journey – Our De Colores Reality

Our first National Multicultural Encounter.

Grande Prairie,2004

The Why of the Weekend – To Be A Pilgrim

The Conference provided a deeper look at the weekend Rollos and meditations, the role of the Leader and the necessity for all Leaders to have a thorough understanding of what the Cursillo weekend is designed to achieve: to bring us new friends for the journey, pilgrims on the way, rather than an ever growing list of tourists who have ‘made a weekend’, as if it were a three day event rather than the beginning of a new way of life.

Saint John, 2003

Christianity In Action – Living the Fourth Day

Exploring the Third Day of the Cursillo weekend. This day is vital to the success of the Fourth Day. With Rollos renamed and eliminated from the Cursillo weekend, the message has been distorted and the focus lost. Reintroducing the Rollo Christianity in Action and why it is vital to a proper understanding of the whole method and mentality of the Cursillo Movement.

Ottawa, 2002

Evangelization Through Conversion – We Are the Good News

Exploring the document that began our journey in 1992 and based on the text given by Eduardo Bonnin as keynote speaker. Reintroduction of the authentic Rollos, STUDY OF THE ENVIRONMENT, CURSILLISTA AFTER THE CURSILLO, TOTAL SECURITY Focus on a return to the authentic Rollos from Mallorca. After studying the Ten Conversations of the I Conversations of Cala Figuera the next logical step is to return to the origins of the Rollos.

Vancouver, 2001

As Bread That is Broken – Food for the World

Recap of the Ten Topics of the I Conversations of Cala Figuera, showing how they relate to our lives as Christians. Although He spoke about them in different words, each of the topics is inherent in the words of Jesus in the Gospel. He spoke of the dignity of the Person, we are called to Friendship, in Love, acting with Sincerity, Conviction, in the Normality of our daily lives, living according to the Criterion of the Gospel so we find Liberty, Life and eventually Joy.

Antigonish, (Cape Breton East) 2000

See How They Love One Another – Sign of the Kingdom

Exploring the concepts of LOVE as contained in the Founders’ Vision, the SINCERITY and CONVICTION that are the consequence of understanding LOVE as a gift, a charism that needs to be received, accepted, before it can be given and shared with others. These three concepts, visible in the community, are a sign of the Kingdom.

Calgary, 1999

From Vision to Mission – If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

Accepting the truth that God loves us brings freedom (LIBERTY) and we choose to allow the message of the Gospel and its values (CRITERION) to guide and support us in our ordinary lives (NORMALITY). We share God’s love with others thus enriching them and ourselves. (LIFE) “If you had only been here, our brother would not have died”.

St. Jerome, 1998

Building a Church of Living Stones in the World

Called to build the church into the world. Taking stock of the call, reiterating the value of the method, PIETY, STUDY, ACTION. The place of Eucharist and the Word in our lives. Men and women of church, not men and women for the Church.

St. John’s, 1997


JOY as the fruit of living what is Fundamental to being Christian.

Victoria, 1996

The Glory of God – A Person Fully Alive

Study of the value and importance of the PERSON based on the talk by Francisco Forteza at Cala Figuera. Focus on the faraway as the preferential though not exclusive option.

Charlottetown, 1995

How to Live the Why – Together as Friends

Study of the concept of FRIENDSHIP as defined by Eduardo Bonnin in his talk from CALA FIGUERA. Method of Cursillo is based on FRIENDSHIP. Necessary to understand FRIENDSHIP as it is understood in terms of the Foundational Charism and how it is applied in the three phases of Cursillo.

Chatham, 1994

New Beginnings – Living the Total Vision

An introduction and overview of the points covered at the conversations of Cala Figuera